Mindful Movement and Meditation

TransZend – Surrender into Presence

We Move Through Different Seasons in Our Lives.

Reflecting with a sense of awe and wonder on how our lives unfold, we commit and recommit to the path of self-development. Increased self-awareness and quality connection to self and others can be cultivated using mind-body techniques commonly referred to as somatics. We learn to release pent up tension that weighs on overall well-being – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Stop. Pause. Breathe.

Grounded practicality, structure, patience, consistency, and discipline help us to self-master, to emotionally regulate our involuntary autonomic nervous system. From a place of rest and digest, the parasympathetic nervous system state, we define our purpose, taking responsibility for our vision, desires, and experiences – the life we want to live. This is how we experience empowerment – through the use of agency and the rewiring of neural circuitry.

A Bottom-Up Approach.

Use of the breath, the senses, and the body allow one to surrender into presence – to experience sustained, focused present moment awareness without judgment. With a spirit of curiosity and compassion, one can shift into the seat of objectivity while letting go of the mental time travel that takes us away from the here and now, bringing us back into the past or casting us into the uncertainty of the future. Awareness allows for choice replacing unconscious drives.

Intentions, Perspectives, and Narratives.

Through grounding down, our emotions settle, and clarity is accessed. Information awaits in the unknown recesses of the mind, body, and heart. A vision surfaces serving as a container for our courageous exploration. How do you want to feel? What needs to be released that is no longer working? Where is the resistance and what limiting beliefs have been informing me?

Enhanced Vitality

The use of somatic and mindful movement – the mind-body connection, helps us to grow more in tune with ourselves. We learn better to identify signals of discomfort, pain, or imbalance and come back home to the Self. We break outdated patterns and invent new ways of being in the world. We experience freedom, excitement, and motivation and let go of that which limits, dulls, or constricts us. Embracing our life force, we build from the state or the trait of – enhanced vitality.

Building Inner Resilience.

Change involves a gradual commitment, not forcing but a slow titration, a mixing in. With focus and dedication, there are limitless possibilities. Learning to set boundaries and saying no to distractions, self-doubt, and hesitation protects the container so growth can take place, shifting one into a higher vibrational state. A more positive feeling tone so that one can embrace their authentic vision inviting in enhanced purpose, greater peace within, and contentment.

Transcending the Ego.

Reconnection to our hearts and bodies allows access to a natural intelligence that often remains buried in the subconscious. The self-referential mind driven by the default mode of human design can cause much suffering and keep one stuck. Gaining access to vital information implicitly stored can help direct us toward the vision we have for our lives and away from habitual tendencies that self-sabotage.

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