A journey

And one well worth it.

Therapy is an odyssey.

It’s a transformational process where you will laugh and cry, scream and yell. But it’s okay. Together we will explore the different facets of your life, and over time you will evolve into a whole new being.

Like building a house, we will construct a strong foundation. This will equip you to overcome each obstacle that comes your way. One small step at a time.

You are not alone. You will be heard and understood. You will discover your capacity to trust and to believe in yourself. You will be amazed to learn who the person really is that’s been trapped inside of you, waiting for a breath of fresh air.

I am excited. I want you to be excited, too.

I realize the pain you have endured. You no longer want to feel emotional distress, the type that paralyzes you at times.

You are ready to move forward in a new, positive direction and are searching for a therapist that is the right fit for you.

I can help you. Why? Because I have learned to embrace the process of life and can teach you how to as well. I will share tools, strategies, insights, wisdom, and experience.

You will begin to regain a sense of hope in the future and feel more optimistic. Confidence will shine through you now, and things will start to change because how you look at them are changing.

What happens next.

We will decide on a time that is convenient for you, and then schedule our first appointment. It’s a cozy little office that feels safe and private. Please keep in mind that everything we discuss is confidential. There are a few exceptions of which I will inform you.

During this 90-minute meeting, we review the office policies which you agree to. From there, I gather answers to some questions contained in an informal questionnaire, one that helps me best understand your current challenges.
We define the objectives that we are seeking to obtain and identify a course of action. Healing, self-exploration, emotional regulation, the list can go on. We will simplify.

Follow-up sessions are 50 minutes. Therapy is a commitment, so it is recommended that we meet once per week. I will reserve a day and time specifically for you unless your schedule requires more flexibility. That works as well.

Make time for you

Call me at (732) 500-6394 to schedule our first appointment and start your journey to a more joyful life.