Individual Therapy

It happens so quickly.

You find yourself strongly reacting to whatever the situation might be. Struggling with how to manage the intense emotions, you find it hard to even describe what the problem is.

Grace was a chronic worrier.

She was driving down the highway one morning, excited to visit her best friend who recently moved out of state. Suddenly, Grace began having thoughts about what would happen if the car broke down. It had been a while since she drove a far distance alone.

Or worse yet, “What if there was a fatal car crash? What if I need new brakes?” Within seconds, Grace is distraught. “Who will care for my family should something happen to me? Who will feed the cat?”

Inundated with panic, Grace pulled into the next rest stop, parked the car, and started to cry. “Why do I worry about everything? Why do I always think the worst? I hate that I can’t seem to relax and just enjoy the experience.”

Always held back from joy

Grace has struggled with extensive apprehension since as early as she can remember. She has grown accustomed to a certain way of living that prevents her from experiencing more joy. Rather than being present to life, she tries to account for every detail to avoid catastrophe.

Grace had never tried counseling before. She was certain no one would ever understand her. Although her life was plagued by incessant worry, she felt therapy was not necessary. She always managed to push through.
But is life about just getting by? Just pushing through?

Individual Therapy is about creating and living the life you want, your best life.

When you begin therapy, you can expect to gain an increased understanding of yourself and the world around you. Emphasis is placed on becoming more mindful of your thought processes and how habitual patterns of thinking effect your emotional state.

Exaggerated or sometimes irrational thought patterns largely contribute to feelings of distress. You will learn to identify these cognitive distortions and reframe how you perceive and interpret what you are experiencing.

Individual therapy cultivates an atmosphere of acceptance and non-judgment. It’s a warm, safe place where we challenge and change limiting beliefs. You will develop personal coping strategies and learn to solve problems in new ways.

Therapy provides us with the opportunity to learn more about what we are feeling and why.

Therapy creates conditions that allow you to flourish and thrive.

You will redefine your values, strengths, and attributes and utilize them to attain your goals. Relationships will improve after implementing communication and listening skills.

Closure will be established as you resolve past issues. You will change old behavior patterns and develop new ones that contribute to increased confidence and self-esteem.

Grace learned how to garden.

Grace exercised courage and began counseling. The struggle became too great and action needed to be taken. In her heart, she knew there was something more out there, another way to live.

Six months later, Grace took her second trip out of state to see her best friend. Upon arrival, her best friend greeted her at the door and noticed something was very different.

Grace confidently smiled, hugged her best friend, and said with a relaxed smile, “I’ve learned how to garden.” With confusion, her best friend responded, “But it’s been freezing cold???”

Grace shared how doubts, fears, and insecurities are like weeds in a garden. Vines that strangle the beautiful flowers that want to grow in the sunlight. She said, “I prune thoughts that create distress, as well as nourish what I value and believe. I plant new ideas that I want to manifest and wait patiently as I grow.”

Grace learned how to admire and appreciate the magnificence, authenticity, and uniqueness present within.

You will live your life with intention.

Embrace the opportunity to live your best life, one that is filled with meaning and purpose. Like a garden, living a life with intention is something that must be tended to.

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