Family Treatment

“We love each other, but it always feels so uncomfortable.”

Conversations either turn into screaming matches, or you all migrate to a different part of the house. When you’re not arguing, everyone talks past each other, or there is an awkward silence. You’re stuck in a loop and can’t get off ‘repeat.’

Day after day, you hope that things will improve. You plan a vacation. The family getaway will be great, it’s just what everyone needs. Then the frustration and disappointment set in. Here we go again.

Are you seeking more harmony in your home? Are you wondering how you can get through to your teenager or get on the same page as your spouse?

Families are systems comprised of different parts.

Understand that your family is a system, a unit of interconnected and interdependent individuals. Within your family, each member plays a role and abides by a set of spoken or unspoken rules as to how they relate to one another.

Patterns develop, and they become predictable. One family member’s behavior will cause another family member to behave in certain ways and vice versa. Sometimes these patterns are functional and create balance.

Sometimes they are highly dysfunctional and problematic.

Do you notice triangles forming? Is it feeling like two against one? Is one of your children constantly seeking acceptance and approval? Why has your spouse become so emotionally distant?

You try to hold it all together but feel like you are the only one that’s even trying.

All families experience tough times and struggle. It’s not easy navigating change or working through stress and the accompanying negative emotions. Family therapy will help.

Conflict between family members impacts daily functioning.

Problems arise at work or at school. Difficulties exist between siblings. Your child is acting out. Worse yet, you suspect your teenager may have a substance abuse or mental health issue.

A close relative recently died of cancer, and you are grieving the loss. Seeking support, you reach out to your spouse for comfort in need of warmth. But there is distance.

Why is my partner not available for me?

You discover that infidelity is occurring, and now you’re contemplating separation. “If I get divorced, how will it affect my children? What will my extended family think?”

Your system will be up and running again.

Once we identify the parts to repair, we resume or create greater functionality. Family treatment teaches your family how to better communicate and work through conflict. You will increase your understanding of one another and learn more effective ways to solve problems.

“A family is like a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece corresponds to a family member and the strengths he or she possesses. Not everyone is going to share the same strengths. Not everyone is going to be prone to the same weaknesses. However, when all the pieces come together to form a whole, it couldn’t be what it is without every one of them.” ~ Sara Dimerman

Solve the puzzle and experience harmony…

Call to schedule your first family session today, and we will work through the challenges your family is facing. You will develop solutions and learn new coping strategies that will restore unity within your home.

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